Monday, February 28, 2005

My worship theme song

Last year I went to a church leaders' conference and one of the workshops I attended talked about changing the way your church operates. One exercise for helping figure out your church's identity was to pick a "theme song," one that really gets your heart pumping and your soul singing and does that for your congregation. It took a long time for me to figure out the right song, but I think Avalon's Testify to Love is my "worship theme song." Maybe even my church's as well. We sang it yesterday for the Blessing song (on a week I was singing back-up for the band, too, so yay!) and it's still stuck in my head. Normally I hate that, but in this case, it really does make my soul sing, so that's a good thing.

All the colors of the rainbow
All the voices of the wind
Every dream that reaches out
That reaches out to find where love begins
Every word of every story
Every star in every sky
Every corner of creation lives to testify

For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love
I'll be a witness in the silences
When words are not enough
With every breath I take
I will give thanks to God above
For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love

From the mountains to the valleys
From the rivers to the sea
Every hand that reaches out
Every hand that reaches out to offer peace
Every simple act of mercy
Every step to kingdom come
All the hope in every heart will
Speak what love has done


At 2:34 PM, Blogger the-unintentional-blogger said...

That's funny. I almost sang that song once in our church about 5 years ago with two girls from my youth group. It never materialized. I'm not a huge fan of Avalon, but I do like the song.


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