Tuesday, February 03, 2009


When Bad Catholics leave the Catholic Church, they become Episcopalians. When Bad Methodists leave the Methodist Church... they join the United Church of Christ. Or, at least, this Bad Methodist did.

It isn't even because of the UM policies on same-sex relationships. I would have stayed with the denomination and fought for change from within for as long as my beloved local church was there to give me reason to fight. Sadly, our church's last Sunday was January 25, 2009. Because of actions taken by our Bishop and District Superintendent that, at the very least, contributed to its demise, I no longer felt I could support the Methodist Church with my presence, gifts, and services. It will always have my prayers, however.

And long before that, I kinda let this blog die. The 2006 election wiped me out, even though we won, and during the 2008 election, I put my energy into other ways of communicating. I'm not going to delete this blog because I'd like to keep it as an archive of what I wrote when I was updating regularly. But I will probably not be updating it.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented. I appreciated hearing your thoughts.