Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mistaking Spite for Patriotism

I've sort of put this blog on hiatus, mostly because I was really burnt out after last year's election and lost a lot of energy for talking about political issues. But sometimes, something just makes me so mad, I have to post.

Case in point:

The Mexican flag flies no more over the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum — and the U.S. flag is gone, too.

The museum's board of trustees voted to remove the flags — which had flown side-by-side since 1954 — after receiving complaints and threats about flying the Mexican flag.

Questions from visitors about why the Mexican flag was being flown on U.S. soil escalated in the past couple of years, said board chairwoman Sophia Kaluzniacki.

An anonymous death threat against the museum's animals made earlier this year by a phone caller also factored into the board's decision, but to a lesser degree, she said. The desire to avoid controversy on border-related issues was the main thrust, she said.

A death threat. Against animals. Over flying a flag. Kinda makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?

I really find it hard to believe people can be this hateful. Or ignorant. It's called the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Because it features animals and vegetation native to the Sonoran Desert, the majority of which is found in Sonora, Mexico. It strikes me as highly appropriate and respectful to both countries that this beautiful and unique desert calls home to fly both flags equally.

But, no. People have to mistake ethno-centrism and spite against any country that isn't America for patriotism. It really makes me want to weep.

On the other hand, I really respect how the museum board handled the situation. While I'd prefer they continue to fly both flags, since people seem bent on interpreting that in a political, border-issue light, and since the museum is not and should not be a political institution, the decision to fly neither flag strikes me as a good compromise. I predict it won't satisfy the patriotism-means-hating-everybody-else crowd, who will decry the removal of the Stars and Stripes, but if we can't honor both countries that the Sonoran Desert spans, then we should honor neither. Good for you, Desert Museum.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Paula said...

Oh, the angst will be huge about the removal of the American flag. In a world that's increasingly global, it horrifies me how entirely unglobal the US is becoming.

This lady in my office just got back from Singapore where the taxi driver was afraid to take them for fear that they would do something mean to him. Y'know. Because they're American.

Gee. Wonder where they get this impression?

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is simply unbelievable. And disheartening.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Where was the media during this? Did they bring to light both sides of the issue and make people understand what's at stake and why flying both flags is ultimately a good thing?

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue is simple. If the museum stands in US soil we needed only the US flag there from the get go, end of story.
Extremes are dangerous, US has become extremely compliant to multiculturalism, and globalism, political correctness; if there is to be an US ( as we almost used to know it ) We need to take a stand.
The bad impression overseas is Global TV at its best with power blinded Dems media carelessly vociferating issues right and Reed announcing defeat, and the war isn't even over, go figure.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About your gay post: Christians are people that have confessed their sins to God, and promesed to themselves and God that they will sin no more...Do your gay friend consider him/herself a Methodist still? 'cause she is wrong if she does.

idealy gay people should accept their fate ( if they were born that way ). and find a occupations that will keep them away from sinning. ( Blind people finds their way arond ?)
The majority kind of gays, (life style) should realize that with some effort they could live a somewhat fair life with the opposite sex. Bible says that the later days people, children, will become careless and mean to each other, with the help of again Gobal TV gays get so much incentive, nowdays they just can't give a dawm. not only that you all wants us straight to Like it too!
We all need to back up to some basic principals here soon if we are to survive long as the human race.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger kenny said...

Great article on the flags...I think America has a long...LONG way to go in regards to Multiculturalism and America has a very bad rap...across the globe...not just because of TV, but because of attitudes, and belief systems that "America is AMERICA!"
As your one commenter said...there is a war going started it?
Living in Canada...where we embrace multiculturalism...because we recognize that we were not the first people on this soil, and we have all come from other countries.
In our school systems, we learn about other cultures, and global issues, and geography.

Maybe it's time your one anonymous commentor, went on a trip overseas, and experience life...outside the walls of America...

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I have studied Russian for 8 years, and that includes travels to Eastern Europe. America really doesn't have that bad a rap, you have to put it in perspective...they may have some criticisms of America, but no criticism aimed at us is as serious as the one's the people have about their own governments. All in all, they are very respectful of the U.S.

However, just because I'm taking the wind out of that sail, shouldn't be construed to mean that I think we should continue any non-Christian attitudes.

I mean these people getting upset over the flag, must go nuts when we host the Olympics...flags are flying all over the place. I hope they don't go visit the United Nations in New York. They must not understand flag etiquette too, the Mexican flag would not be raised first, or lowered last, nor would it ever be to the right of our Flag.

Removing both flags was a mistake, both flags should have flown, but I understand they felt safety was paramount.

if the link is ok:

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Dennis Hartman said...

Well, I can’t believe after spending Billions and Billions of hard working Americans money, that people think badly of us still. So if buying their love failed I guess giving our way of life to them will make them happy.

“where we embrace multiculturalism” I am glad that Canada embraces that failed idea. The former Russia forced all their people groups to learn the Russian language, (that gives strength too you know - and a problem for Canada as well) and the white Russians ruled. By the way, they called us the racists. They failed because of economics. Once they failed I did not witness all those people groups bagging to stay in Russia. Multiculturalism is failing with the flag issue too. It is on America soil. So what is wrong about having just the American flag? Islam evidently doesn’t understand the great value of multiculturalism in religious diversity either. They only want to conquer the world - the globalist leader laugh and turn their heads. So why is it that those of us who don’t want this globalism is shown such disrespect? The only way it works is with a strong handed government like the Soviet Union was. So Globalism liberated how many people recently under dictators recently? If it were not for their own revolutions at times, those people would still be enslaved. To imply someone unloving for refusing to accept something that can not be done without lies, deceptions, and strong hand, is a little to hasty if you ask me.


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