Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fred Phelps comes to Tucson

Yes, that Fred Phelps. As you might note in my bio, I credit him with being a big part of my decision to get involved in gay rights. And he's coming to my home town on Monday.

Usually, this means good things for gay rights causes because this guy infuriates pretty much everybody. Heck, his list of churches he's considering picketing includes a Southern Baptist church that last year held a seminar on converting gays. I can't imagine why they're not anti-gay enough, but apparently they are. Thanks to the blessings of freedom of speech, he has brought more attention to gay rights than probably anybody alive and counter protests along the lines of donating $1 to the organization he's protesting for every minute he's there have raised both money and awareness.

Wingspan, the local gay community center, will be holding an off-site gathering. If you live in or near Tucson, consider going or donating to them or the Laramie Project.


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