Thursday, December 16, 2004

Reasons to be hopeful

Two items in the morning paper that gave me reason for hope. The first was an editorial by Ellen Goodman saying that despite the awful election outcome, gay rights will win in the long run. I've been saying this since about, oh, November 5. Every civil rights movement has to fight negative reaction from people afraid of change. While it doesn't help the people who are suffering now from the extreme laws passed in 11 states, to me it is still a sign that change is inevitable, and I'm even hopeful it will happen by the time my kids are old enough to vote.

Also, the YWCA--and let's remember the C stands for Christian--acknowledged a local transgendered woman with their "Women on the Move" award. A transgenered woman acknowledged by a Christian organization as woman, and one worth honoring at that. To quote Ellen Goodman, "That's not a bugle sounding retreat."


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