Tuesday, December 20, 2005


An historic moment as the first civil union is performed in the U.K.
"It was really lovely. It was very joyful," reported Rita Wild, one of the guests. "There was lots of cheering, lots of clapping, lots of singing."

The couple recited vows to each other and exchanged rings made locally in Belfast.

Ms Wild had enjoyed every moment: "It's momentous and we'll be remembering this day. It will be taught in children's history lessons in the future."

Beautiful. So naturally, there were protesters.
As the taxi carrying the couple edged its way through the crowd, the jeers from protesters competed with the cheers from supporters.
I don't get it. Jeering someone else's joy? How can they not see it? How can they not see the love? How can they not see the face of God? It's much more on these two women exchanging vows of love than on the "Christian" protestors jeers of hate. Sounds an awful lot like the mob at the crucifixion, doesn't it?


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