Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Props to the California Legislature

Today California became the first state to pass a bill--in legislature, without a court order--legalizing gay marriage.

Tuesday's vote came after 23 lawmakers addressed the chamber, many of them focusing on the historic element of their action, others relating intensely personal stories.

In a moment of high drama, with dozens of gay rights supporters watching from the gallery, Simon Salinas (D-Salinas) hesitated for several seconds as the tally hung at 40 "ayes" — one short of passage. Then, having promised Leno months ago that he would not let the bill fail, Salinas pressed the "aye" button on his desk, making the final vote 41-35.

Analysts say Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will veto the bill, which would be sad. Schwarzenegger is one of the few good fiscal conservative but not socially extreme Republicans left, and yet, it seems currying favor of the bigwigs in the party will likely win the day.

Still, this is historic. I'm proud of my neighbors to the west. It's only a matter of time before we all get there. And eventually, bills like this won't be vetoed, either. For now I'll be happy with any step in the right direction. You go, California!


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