Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So much for caring about the children

I'm not a huge fan of Steve Chapman, but this column really hits the nail on the head.

Critics of gay rights insist that in opposing same-sex marriage, they are trying to protect children. But when the California Supreme Court said last week that lesbian partners have the same responsibilities to their children as other parents, conservatives took a different line: If what's good for the kids is also good for gay rights, it must be bad.

This ruling really shows the true agenda of anti-gay groups. It isn't about the children at all. It's about denying rights to same-sex couples. Period.

So called "pro-family" groups like Focus on the Family like to say that "studies show" kids do better with two opposite-sex parents than same sex parents. In reality, there are no such studies. The studies referenced actually show that kids do better with two parents rather than one. Kind of a no-brainer. So now we have a ruling that makes sure that children of same-sex couples will still get at the very minimum monetary support from both parents, and that's bad to "pro-family" groups. They'd rather see kids with only one parent than let any acknowledgement of same-sex parenting exist.

Chapman, no supporter of same-sex marriage, goes on to point out:

Groups rejecting gay rights argue that kids do best in stable homes with married heterosexual parents. But even if that is true, it's no excuse for shortchanging children in homes headed by cohabiting homosexual partners.

Exactly. If it's really all about the children as the "pro-family" groups claim, they would support a decision that protects children. But they don't. Because being "pro-family" is really all about "only families that look like mine," and that's about as discriminatory and anti-family as you can get.


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