Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Fred Phelps never materialized, but even the suggestion that he might come was enough to really galvanize the community. Wingspan released a wonderful thank you note to both Tucson and Fred Phelps himself, reinforcing my long-standing belief that hate mongers damage their own cause more than what they hate and that God really can use anything and anyone for good.

And finally, thank you Fred Phelps.

Thank you for not coming to Tucson, though we were ready for you and will be ready for you the next time you threaten to come.

Thank you for helping Wingspan and Rincon University High mobilize our community against hate. Because of you, hundreds of people who never had heard of Wingspan before have come through our doors and been added to our Enews list. Because of you, the students know they live in an engaged, caring community. Because of you, members of the LGBT community, school administrators, law enforcement, students and clergy—groups that have not historically worked together, were partnered in support of one another. No doubt these newly-forged relationships will continue and strengthen because of you.



At 7:38 PM, Blogger BobW said...

Fred must be feeling his age. The only other time I can recall him not showing up was after 9/11 in his hometown of Topeka, when a come-and-go group grabbed one of his corners and mixed "Not Today Fred!" posters with their American flags.
I lived in Topeka for forty years, and remain unconvinced that Fred and his innermost circle give a damn about homosexuality. Contrary to what we'dlike to think, he ain't stupid. He had a distinguished law school career and, had he been able to resist being center-stage in everything he does, might've been the respected Mr. Justice Phelps today. The true secret of Fred will someday be shown to be a need for attention rivalling that of a two-year old screaming "Doodoo! Caca!" at the top of his lungs.
Fred knows full well he's hurting his own cause; and doesn't give a damn. It won't surprise me if, in time, he does an about-face and blubbers about his life of sin, or whatever, as loudly as he now does his "God Hates America" nonsense. Anything, anything to be the center of attention.
But his promise to show up somewhere used to be as good as gold. Like I say, he must be feeling his age. Mayhap we'll get lucky and he won't feel it much longer. Alas for us who survive! Think of being an eyewitness to his face-to-face encounter with God! One expects it will be quite one-sided, not to mention quite brief.


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