Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Primary Election

The Arizona Primary Election is over. I could tell because last night was the first time in WEEKS I didn't get a phone call every five minutes from a recording. Seriously, do those things actually work? Does anyone listen to them? I'd say I refuse to vote for anyone who uses them, but everybody uses them, so that's not really an option, but man is it annoying.

Anyway, it seems that the one candidate I absolutely 100% cannot stand the thought of representing me in Congress has won the Republican primary for District 8. I'm extremely unhappy with the Republican winner for the governor's race, too, but since I really disliked all of them, it's not as big a disappointment. Why oh why does the Republican party keep on forcing me to vote for Democrats? Man, I miss Jim Kolbe. I miss John McCain, too. You know, the real John McCain, before neo-cons aliens abducted him and replaced him with someone who panders to the right. ::sigh::

I should call this blog Bad Republican. I live for the day when we get off this social "conservative" (which isn't... it's Big Government dressed in different packaging) downslide and get back to stuff like lower taxes, less government, etc. I live for the day when I can actually in good conscience vote for a Republican again.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Doug said...

It does seem like the Republican party has been hijacked, doesn't it?

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Hi there, my name is Jessica Miller, and I'm a producer at Open Source Radio. We're hosting a program tonight on the Arizona 8th CD election, and as a blogging/radio show, we're looking for local Arizona input from the blogging community. After looking at your recent post regarding the primary, we'd love your and your readers ideas on our show tonight. Give me an email if you'd like to chat about the election, my email is jessmm at


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